In My Mother's Name

The Power of Legacy


In My Mother’s Name (IMMN) is a 501 (c)(3) organization founded by Deneen Hadley-Carter, who envisioned an outreach dedicated to nurturing, replenishing and serving, women of all ages. Inspired by a “mother’s type of love”, IMMN offers support, inspirational words and tangible resources. It is Deneen’s sincere desire to welcome like-minded women who will work to create a legacy of strong, wise, God-fearing women who desire to bless others and touch the world one soul at a time.


We are committed to being led by God as we bless today’s women and impart wisdom to those who are diligently seeking God for a miracle and a breakthrough. With God as our source, coupled with the strength and wisdom passed down from our mothers and other strong & wise women we will advance the good news of Jesus Christ in both word and in deed demonstrating the beauty and power of legacy.


Recognizing our power in Christ and their ability to conquer roadblocks, accomplish their full potential and realize their dreams. Encouraging women to acknowledge and wear their crown with confidence and grace.